• 11:01:28: I’m really desperate to have a large block of time to myself with no noise & no other people. Too much stimuli lately, not enough solitude.
  • 19:05:27: The extent of my accomplishments today: I put on a bra. And some might say that’s a step in the WRONG direction. I ache with lethargy.
  • 19:06:49: On the other hand, what’s wrong with taking advantage of the holiday to read, nap, and watch The People’s Court? Why the guilt?
  • 19:25:42: Having a really hard time biting my tongue in response to someone’s tweets that enrage me, but don’t have energy to follow-up on drama.
  • 19:48:13: We’ve got our shows & members-only chat scheduled for this weekend; I will probably be having my period.

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