• 13:46 Just posted a blog entry about my fabulous swinging friend, Sabrina aka Prettyface: is.gd/4VJy9 #
  • 15:19 Enjoying this cold, windy Sunday keeping warm in bed with a hot water bottle on my feet, mild period cramps, and The Thirteenth Tale. #
  • 17:09 I felt like wearing a sweater while I took a hot bath, it’s that fucking cold. #
  • 22:53 Sweet! This has been an almost complete day off for me today. Got to nestle in and finish a book. I’d like to top it off w/ ice cream BUT… #
  • 23:01 I’d do ANYTHING for pb zig zag soy ice cream right now! Well, except get dressed & go to the sto re. I’d sacrifice ANYTHING to stay inside? #

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