• 00:17:48: Shit. It is confirmed. I am not getting all of my email/some is getting dropped along the way. Very sad. So not happy.
  • 01:05:45: OMG – I followed a poseur and now can’t seem to UNfollow “her”.
  • 01:09:14: LOL — no, it’s not you @CandyAppleAlly !
  • 11:24:31: Seriously, Victoria’s Secret? You’re advertising a PANTY CUPCAKE? Speaking of, I need to get on the toilet before I manufacture one myself.
  • 13:56:33: Just drained our account(s) to pay bills. Trying to optimistically focus on all the ways we can make more money rather than all the expenses
  • 14:26:38: Just did a quick 20 minutes of cardio to defuse my stress; need to bathe now & get ready for our hair appointments. Must blondify roots!
  • 19:25:38: http://twitpic.com/q6ewi – Back from my blondage session. Chewed my chapped lips til they bled.
  • 23:22:59: Phew! Our cable is back up and with it, the bulk of our voyeur cams. Drooling over @DeliaTS as I put promos together for http://deliats.com

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