• 13:49:54: Our plans for today and webcam shows planned for Friday and Saturday: http://www.tastytrixie.com/announcements/thanks-for-nothing/
  • 14:07:09: Couldn’t have asked for a prettier Thanksgiving day. Sun is shining in places, so going out for a walk. Only way to stop me from working.
  • 16:10:22: Okay, OKAY . . . I’m doing a little work. Just need to accomplish this ONE promo submission to make the rest of the weekend happier.
  • 17:50:06: Been housecleaning (& happy about it); @DeliaTS rearranged our furniture & it’s great! Enjoying Christmas music & dancing around.
  • 17:59:07: Holy sentimental weeping! Trying to mitigate my crying over Christmas carols & gratitude by bustling around house picking up/doing laundry.
  • 20:37:35: Dear men who make fun of the power of Twilight/New Moon over women’s cunts & emotions: need I point out the stupid shit YOU jack off to?!?
  • 20:56:18: Well, @KevinJas17 I wouldn’t actually go so far as to say I identify with ANY Twilight character. I just think the criticism is out of hand.
  • 22:13:43: Is it just me or is something wrong with housecamz? I haven’t been able to connect to it all day.

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