• 11:44 I really hope that before I die the fad of calling every Tom, Dick and Harry a fucking "hero" will be over. SO SICK of that bizarre trend. #
  • 17:31 Just got home from @DeliaTS laser & botox appointment. Aren’t you jealous? I am! I want the botox too!! #
  • 19:09 Someone is totally attacking my blog with spam but I’m going to post an entry in a few minutes anyway!! I’m so on the bleeding edge of blog! #
  • 19:39 My newest blog entry on toilet paper and botox: tastytrixie.com/aging/great-toilet-paper-other-fillers #
  • 20:06 Jesus . . . I’m glad there are happy people balancing out the shitholes who think the internet is their dumping space for nasty toxic waste. #
  • 21:01 Ugh! @amberlily You’re the 2nd friend today with a pit bull attack story! Glad you guys are relatively okay. #

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