• 11:10:51: Both @DeliaTS & I have webcam shows & chat on the schedule tonight & tomorrow: http://trixieandfriends.com/2010/07/webcam-shows-chat-3/
  • 13:45:01: Okay, that’s the 5th time I’ve walked straight into a doorjamb or piece of furniture this week. I need to stop shoulder-tackling wood. HURTS
  • 17:27:29: Back from salon. My hair is blonde mini-Elvira style. Have tried on 25 things hoping to find match to shoot in/take advantage. Failing.
  • 20:16:19: Is there any reason someone’s handle in chat would be “burningcross” if not a racist? I kicked him out since no one could provide one.
  • 20:27:07: Ahh, thanks @I_am_Cliff – I wish he would’ve responded to my question as to the meaning of his nick so I would’ve known if that was it.

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