• 11:23:06: Going on an outdoor shooting excursion later this afternoon. Just shooting @DeliaTS, though. At most 2 sets of photos. Probably, that is.
  • 11:42:45: Good one about slut shaming:RT @heathercorinna: About that note from Bob (& other slutty annoyances) ยป http://bit.ly/8XUh8x
  • 21:45:04: Stuck on the side of a rural road with a smoking car after our shoot. The joy of beater ownership!
  • 22:28:14: This is a totl x files scenario. http://twitpic.com/2bg2yk
  • 23:46:36: Just got home. Even more scared of cougars than I was before I left after our tow truck driver told of half a dozen close encounters.
  • 23:53:05: And that, my friends, is how you can be at work for ten hours without getting ten hours worth of work done. Broken down. Side of road+

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