• 04:22:03: Posted a couple of new things on my blog about HOS: http://tastytrixie.com In my VOICE, even!
  • 04:30:49: Just fixed @DeliaTS cam settings so the pic quality is better . . . http://deliats.cammodels.com Can’t fix that weird voice thing though.
  • 16:15:37: Reconsidering eating my favorite fatty yogurt after watching camgirl older than I in Very Excellent Shape masturbating. But . . . Brown COW!
  • 16:32:27: Seriously? Our cable is down AGAIN? How am I supposed to maintain serenity when the world is fucking with me like this? #bitchbitchbitch
  • 19:21:53: @LadyErisiana If I were able to be chubby all over or just commit to that, it would sell fine. Cream top is a VERY sweet/fatty treat though.
  • 19:23:33: Had some super yummy fucking with @DeliaTS just now. Glad at LEAST one person ( @badboynum1 ) was watching!
  • 23:46:34: Been enjoying taking most of the day off. There was the sex & now we’re finishing up Public Enemies. Total non-nude men-in-suspenders porn.

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