• 13:39:52: Curiouser and curiouser: I’ve had a headache of one sort or another pretty much 5 days out of the past seven. Might go back to bed.
  • 16:20:14: Sometimes sucking & fucking is THE best medicine. Hope it was “therapeutic” for our voyeurs watching us, too!
  • 16:30:31: http://pennant.blogspot.com constantly makes me want to move to Vegas & lead a kitchenless night-owl writing webwhore life.
  • 17:43:49: Feeling alienated by a lot of stuff lately. Pretty sure that, increased nightmares & other is connected to going off St. John’s Wort.
  • 21:48:04: Aaaand just as I settle in to do some blogging about hot mamas, @DeliaTS points out to me that our cable is down with the cams. MAD.
  • 21:49:30: I’m seriously on the verge of blowing money to rent a cabin away from home to write & be away from this never-ending, interrupting bullshit.
  • 23:36:36: Why the fuck am I doing a google image search on “anal glands dog”? No wonder I have such bad dreams.
  • 23:38:05: Weird . . . why is this image search on canine anal glands bringing up pictures of Amy Grant?

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