• 11:49:38: Good comparative graph on How the fight over tax breaks affects your bottom line – http://wapo.st/dmhpMa
  • 18:04:05: It’s been 3 weeks since I talked to my sister so we had a good long chat about people, kids & craziness. Feeling emotional for # of reasons.
  • 18:16:25: Looking for books to help my 4 year old nephew with his worries and hypersensitive first-born stuff. Found some good ones.
  • 18:32:05: @swopusa @peacetara that Julia person, Jezebel, et al ignore some really big important points: disabled WOMEN benefit from sex service, etc.
  • 20:49:42: Revelation: our belief that there’s a motive (+control & decision) behind everything people do is part of why we fail at solving problems.

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