• 00:34:19: Phew! Finished a new gallery for members and vlog in which I show you the CRAZY side of my head!
  • 08:48:59: The only thing I’m strongly motivated to do in the morning is to run from the sound of @DeliaTS grinding coffee beans.
  • 11:16:57: I needed to get more Zzz’s so I went back to sleep. And had really kinky sex dreams non-stop for 90 minutes, I think.
  • 12:49:07: Long story short, @DeliaTS parents are still really confused, afraid & not as supportive as they think they are about her transition. SUCKS.
  • 12:55:06: Wondering what we’re doing on the parlor cam right now? WE’RE VOTING! Yes, for the lesser of two evils. And one independent.
  • 12:55:28: RT @MonicaShores: “I remember which party believes that the only problem with our nation is that the wealthy don’t have enough money” ht …
  • 13:22:32: VOTE!! But not for Rethuglicans. http://twitpic.com/331aea
  • 13:28:05: I’m really overdue to write a billion REAL blog entries. And redesign all of our sites. And email at least a few deserving people back.
  • 15:09:04: WTF is wrong with me? About to start crying because we’re late leaving & I can’t manage to PACK. Totally overwhelmed by so little.

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