• 00:13:35: I am not good at providing technical support. And even worse at trying to insert nicey-nice social communication in with it. Can’t do both.
  • 00:16:16: And that is why I think my true calling in life is to be a hairy troll under a bridge.
  • 17:29:38: I have an awesome life & tons of swell options every single day. So I must be a giant asshole if I often manage to feel like a turd goblin.
  • 19:44:27: If you’re still interested in honoring veterans, maybe get a dose of media literacy with this movie: http://tillmanstory.com
  • 19:46:33: I meant “if you’re still interested since Veteran’s day has already come & gone”, NOT “if you’re still illiterate enough to honor them”.
  • 20:01:12: Washing up some sex toys in preparation for doing some camming. MAYBE tonight? http://tinyurl.com/TrixieOnStreamate Favorite me!
  • 21:43:09: Okaaaay . . . too fat for outfit #1 I tried on for camming (plus the garters hurt the backs of my thighs when I sit down).
  • 23:16:03: Didn’t stay logged in long, but my mood is vastly improved after doing a few private webcam shows.

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