• 00:46:14: Want to listen to the jazz we’re dork dancing to while you watch us on our spycams? http://kplu.org (members: http://tinyurl.com/spyonus)
  • 00:53:43: Ooogh . . . fuck that jazz, it is not danceable. Going for something else for my 15 minutes of exercise.
  • 09:04:44: Continuing on with the backup drive transfer stuff; ran into some hitches with the place I stored my more recent videos.
  • 11:21:44: I just told one of our members to go fuck himself. And it felt really good!
  • 12:03:43: I am so proud of the way I can deliver awesome customer service with my mad skinny middle finger screaming straight up your chastened ass.
  • 18:30:14: Not thinking too straight right now. Waiting to hear progress report on data recovery. Maybe should catch up on sleep.
  • 20:05:20: Dear FB ad: I thought that said “School O’ Frock”, which is like messy-go-lucky irish lads having a pint & cross dressing. SchoolOfRock diff
  • 20:35:29: The only thing I might be able to accomplish tonight is blogging the dream I had about the 3’s Company girls’ pussies. http://is.gd/hoh0M
  • 22:32:51: So @DeliaTS & I have officially put “School o’ Frock” on our list of movies we want to make. Teaching cheeky boys in schoolgirl uniforms.

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