• 01:30:13: I better way until I look cuter/cleaner to do my vlog . . . but I posted 79+ minutes of video & 133 new pics to keep members busy ’til then.
  • 09:54:49: I’m not a stay-up-til-4-get-up-at-8:30 kind of person. I AM a wake-up-after-4-hours-just-to-read-for-awhile-then-fall-back-to-sleep person.
  • 14:09:00: Oh, yeah . . . listening to new age music in the parlor, letting some sunshine in on my hairy VUUULLLLVUH . . .
  • 14:38:43: Behind on a great many things. But mostly behind on acquiring mental health so you know, first things first.
  • 14:39:45: I just kissed some twenties like they were the sweet feet of Jesus.
  • 14:40:07: That’s a lie. If they were the sweet feet of Jesus I would’ve slipped them some tongue.

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