• 01:23:56: @lomatoutfaire My hands are remarkably & uniquely tiny. That didn’t help. But @DeliaTS aggressive stance w/swiss army knife worked it out.
  • 01:25:23: Again, I’m not approving your friend request if your avatar is of an adorably chubby 10 year old boy or a babe in nappies.
  • 09:25:51: 40 year old men in nappies instantly approved, @BradSabbath !
  • 11:25:00: Look at my beautiful new old table at the cabin! http://tastytrixie.com/accomplishments/a-table-for-the-cabin-pics
  • 15:52:25: Trying to pull myself away from hysterical semi-trainwreck webwhore’s hilarious vlog. HI-LARRY-US!!! It’s kind of adorable in a way, though.
  • 16:29:15: Reading personal ads on craigslist. One guy generously says, “i’ll bring the boos”.
  • 17:03:59: I’ve got to go soak my anus in the tub. It’s sore from these massive logs I’ve been dropping two or more times a day lately.
  • 20:07:28: Shot a set of pics of @DeliaTS & am doing bills & other stuff while she logs in for private shows: http://deliats.cammodels.com

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