• 09:12:54: Dreamt Entourage’s Turtle was a porn webmaster I was going to fuck; I was totally excited about it but it took too long to happen so didn’t.
  • 10:13:20: Searching all over for the netflix disc I was supposed to put in the mailbox but didn’t yet & have somehow lost/misplaced.
  • 10:25:43: I think I have the worst short term memory (well, and long term too) of anybody I know. Recently found out cortisol fucks your memory center
  • 23:16:30: Able to go to bed feeling better than I would’ve about my undone stuff today had I not gotten email; at least 1 member still loves me.
  • 23:19:17: Ladies: are any of you allergic to hormonal birth control? Like, breaking out in rashes kind of allergic?
  • 23:30:47: I loathe trending hashtags. #noonecares what you think #noonecares about. Some people actually DO care. Thank lord fuck almighty for them.

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