• 09:17:38: I just made short poop-oriented blog entry: http://tastytrixie.com/bodily-functions/todays-metaphor-for-life
  • 09:22:12: Friends: can you delete tweets & posts telling people how to look up our personal info? It’s really counterproductive telling fans about it.
  • 11:53:53: Weirded out by sudden smell of hot chlorinated water or melting plastic filling cabin loft.
  • 13:23:13: It is amazing how a good night of sleep and stepping miles away from computers can REVIVE and inspire me!
  • 13:25:50: LOL @reynashouse – it DID smell like a hot melting vibrator, but haven’t used one today!
  • 22:44:10: Just got home from a special GLBT potluck. My chinese chicken cabbage salad was devoured! I’m positively giddy with success . . .

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