• 08:13:51: I think Easter is a great day to start my period! Brewing tea & getting ready to get back into bed to nurse my cramps.
  • 09:28:45: Fewer Jesuit priests (who have done so much radical work): so sad yet so hopeful: http://t.co/Hi2vRTl via @washingtonpost
  • 10:46:44: Doing housework while getting Easter-themed show archives encoded & ready to upload 4 members. In panic over lost sock despite best efforts.
  • 10:47:06: RT @celery66: @tastytrixie http://twitpic.com/4or9gc – Glad to see E. B. out & around, and not outsourcing duties to raccoons or other s …
  • 13:30:20: Sigh. Sometimes privately rolling my eyes at people just doesn’t seem to be enough.
  • 14:55:15: Just posted Easter-themed webcam show footage & a few words on my practical “faith”: http://tastytrixie.com/members/secretblog/
  • 15:45:14: On calendar for next Easter: stay away from the motherfucking internet & people shitting on it with their oversimplifications & soundbytes.
  • 20:17:37: Can’t decide whether or not to travel out of state for cousin’s memorial service. Editing pictures. Listening to Dead Can Dance.

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