• 09:21:30: Going to have a morning stretch & hope that an instantly DOABLE but pretty May Day shoot idea/plan strikes me. Grand ideas not manageable.
  • 09:22:46: Note: this is not a call out for shoot ideas which requires a knowledge of our resources on hand. Plenty of IDEAS here, just none doable.
  • 10:53:22: Great. Bad attitude strikes w/tears in my eyes; I can’t possibly pull off something special for my site anniversary after much agonizing.
  • 10:54:40: This would all be so much easier if we had some reliable everhard trustworthy semi-attractive boy toys to shoot with.
  • 10:58:18: You guys have no idea how much whining & crying @DeliaTS puts up with from me. Why can’t I fucking suck it up?
  • 15:31:28: Took an ativan to settle my bitch ass down, but now I just want to sink into a deep pillowy sleep with white satin & eighties hair.

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