• MMmmm . . . spent 40 minutes doing much-needed stretching. Asking myself again why I don't do that every day. #
  • And now I have some malware to get rid of on my main machine before I can get any more work done… #
  • Wow – this virus is pretty smart … it disabled or deleted malwarebytes and prevx. Why do people need to be so evil? #
  • Would you be worried if you saw 175847835:1690731765.exe running in your processes thingy? #
  • I thought it was "just" some weird get-answers-fast malware that hijacks & redirects your google searches @Philoviridae , but it's sticky. #
  • Yay! I think Combofix took care of my virus problem. Apparently I had rootkit.zeroaccess something or other. Why this happen me, eh? #
  • Wanted to post a new gallery for members tonight, but alas . . . computer viruses and such were a setback. Shooting for Thursday now. #
  • Going to pout & sleep in the cabin because @DeliaTS isn't a lazy-ass like I am; she wants to keep working, not go to bed with me. POOR me!! #
  • Ha! A nice gesture, but nobody could possibly take her place, @Philoviridae @deliats 😉 That's one of the few things in life I'm sure of. in reply to Philoviridae #

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