• I would barf if made to eat canned green beans, @VanillaDeVille . Just the smell of cooked canned green beans makes me extremely ill. in reply to VanillaDeVille #
  • People from Alaska don't visit every day so I'm going to visit a good people from Alaska *and* @LightningAllie. @DeliaTS told me to!! #
  • At dead stop along with a mile of other cars. Had to pee. Don't care who saw me. http://t.co/dtfGgRAt #
  • Still. STUCK. On the Hood Canal Bridge. @deliats & I like to pronounce canal as though it rhymes with anal. #
  • Just home from sweet afternoon & evening spent naked with @LightningAllie and @THEecowhore . Now to cuddle @DeliaTS !! #

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