• The last couple of days were family days: http://t.co/lw8TKdLt & http://t.co/1Hu5ACTu – now it's time for me to do the bills & money stuff. #
  • Took a happy picture of the blue sky. But it didn't process right & was just 70% grey. #
  • Feeling 100% better after listening to a friend with some real, stressful, sad & disheartening problems. Hope he feels better, too. #
  • My beautiful MILF-like girlfriend @DeliaTS is live on cam ready to play with you: http://t.co/kHGsLPH7 #
  • Grrrr . . . whenever there's a time zone change our show schedule on Rude gets all fucked up. Fix, then fix again. #
  • OUR SHOWS WILL BE AN HOUR LATER THAN USUAL TONIGHT because the schedule won't let me adjust the times this close to showtime. #
  • Members-only chat will still be at 9:30 pacific, between my show and @DeliaTS. Normal show times tomorrow. #

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