• My nudie pic(s) of yesterday pantomiming pooping MAY not be considered tasteful, but maybe they're cute? http://t.co/PXsF5WT4 #
  • Heard long loud bird calls. Interrupted @DeliaTS to come out & ID by sound as a Varied Thrush, reminding me it's the Twin Peaks opener bird. #
  • Pic of me naked with my new journal: http://t.co/55hVlBps #
  • SUN BREAKING THROUGH CLOUDS!! I'm going outside to wash rocks!! An excuse for fondling stone with wet hands . . . #
  • Oh yeah! @deliats is working up everyone's appetites on cam now: http://t.co/kHGsLPH7 PIC: http://t.co/ZB2ncE5X #
  • Working some more on editing an innocently prim-but-dreamy escapist pictures of me. Hope to get them done to post for members tomorrow. #
  • If you just saw me on cam lying in bed crying, don't worry … it was healthy/nothing for others to worry about. It will/is pass(ing). #
  • Love this one, but I'd rather have full ep of Picard getting to relax in variety of ways. You des… (Star Trek:… http://t.co/yrpWZ2PR #

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