• That's awesome, @greenguy89 – I've got to get one of those! You know I'll be wearing it every single day . . . in reply to greenguy89 #
  • Indeed you DO look familiar, @lintilla ! I'm happy to see you in a slightly mutated iteration, camgirl & book friend! in reply to lintilla #
  • Made appts w/my fave dentist all the way in Tacoma who took out my wisdom teeth: http://t.co/I9YJp2X2 . #
  • Oregon Grape is the focus of my nudie pic of the day: http://t.co/ReEhoFBU #
  • @MonkeyAxis if I get a week to feel sorry for myself, then you 2 deserve, like, a hundred-year rest-cure! I don't know how you 2 do it. in reply to MonkeyAxis #
  • Celebrating my 10th anniversary & midlife crisis with my FAVE ds9 ep: (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S03E22) http://t.co/3czL1X3E #
  • I'm going to beg @DeliaTS to gently rub my anus with a moist towelette while I read Wuthering Heights on my Kindle. #
  • Too bad I don't have one of those new NOOK's with GlowLight . . . then we could do it by nooklight & it would be EVEN MORE romantic. #
  • Totally joking of course. I'm not even reading Wuthering Heights / don't even HAVE it on my Kindle. #

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