• Probably more fun for members to watch us on our spycams fucking in the moonlight last night than me sorting & filing piles of papers 2day. #
  • You can totally see my peehole opening up when I'm about to come in this video I'm getting ready to post tomorrow. #
  • My gf @deliats is live on http://t.co/cXSXwuFC (& prettier than my peehole, which is saying A LOT!) http://t.co/4gxTmjuV #
  • Whose empire are you calling TINY, @HRugaru ?!? See, you always know resorting to riling me up will get a response. I'm simple. in reply to HRugaru #
  • Still working on something I planned to spend 20 minutes on . . . still not done almost 2 hours later. Am I inept or just . . . inept? #
  • @HRugaru That's better, but still makes me feel like I have a woefully small penis. Not good for a tiny man going through mid-life crisis. in reply to HRugaru #
  • My nudie pic(s) of the day are full of warm, seedy memories (AND MY CROTCH): http://t.co/qx5sfXb2 #

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