• My GF @DeliaTS is live on cam in black fishnet top, bra, & tiny denim skirt: http://t.co/cXSSYUws – indulge your slut fantasies! #
  • I myself just got done mowing the lawn. @deliats had to start the mower for me again, though! I'm a #weakling ! http://t.co/90GpoY2s #
  • Sometimes I think if I could teach people in the first world one thing it would be to select "reply to all" in email. I squander the wishes! #
  • In theory this is funny to us. Reality = so boring we turned off before 10 minutes. Too bad I don't have patienc… http://t.co/9H3yzKYX #
  • Just posted a fun cam show archive from Thursday for members (g-rated preview pic): http://t.co/qbqIcpWv #
  • Methinks there is some hot crazy messy drunken webcam action going on this holiday weekend night! http://t.co/XXEOoJqx #
  • RIP White-crowned Sparrow who was hit by a car while we were eating cheeseburgers. Also RIP cows of our cheeseburgers. http://t.co/JhhPGfbc #
  • so hilariously macabre … filatious in every serious way … (watching Sunset Boulevard) http://t.co/UBGLo3kF #

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