• A pic & info from boyfriend overnighter: http://t.co/MdqH60xe & nudie pic from last night: http://t.co/BQ0kUYdo #
  • And my girlfriend @DeliaTS has a new blog entry & pics up in red, white & blue: http://t.co/v4r9kJrm #
  • I love my body, being alive & not getting headaches; after 2.5 hours of computer work I warmed up & stretched for almost an hour. #selfcare #
  • @joepennant I am very interested in reading more about that. Was just thinking about tight hips, cancer, etc. in sexual abuse survivors. in reply to joepennant #
  • @BritBlackPwns I don't think age is *just* a number or that you're nutty to be grossed out. in reply to BritBlackPwns #
  • @iMiTD11 Thanks! 🙂 The first/winning responses I got were timestamped at 6:13 & 6:17 Pacific, with yours coming in at 6:57. Next time? 😉 in reply to iMiTD11 #
  • The things camgirls complain bitterly about vs. the things they ignore or don't even KNOW to complain about is so darkly hilarious. #
  • Shit! That opening was so intense I almost cried. (watching Louie, Poker; Divorce S01E02) http://t.co/5oI8dKib #

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