• So many fun & sexy ideas for shooting with @hypnoticriver @DeliaTS and @LightningAllie tomorrow . . . making lists of options. #
  • A #5minutedrawing of me clothed & @DeliaTS naked in our 4th of July sunshine: http://t.co/dnmRhRnZ Hope you're having a good day, too! #
  • Thanks for the link on your sweet smelly socks post, @roxxiecyber ! http://t.co/hXgNTzQA #
  • A whole bunch of 4th of July Nudie pics, including one of my bare ass we just shot: http://t.co/xZQCp2W0 #
  • Skipped fireworks/broke w/tradition to stay home & get our credit reports & updated credit scores. Mine is 93 points higher than Oct 2010!! #
  • Because we want to experience the kind of independence that means freedom from debt, especially credit card debt. #

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