• Oh, FUCK YEAH! "Chance of T-Storms" today, tonight, tomorrow & Tuesday! This shit is, like, gigantically percussive! #
  • Mmmmm: @deliats made us fried polenta, sausage & eggs all smothered in green sauce & tomatilloes: http://t.co/cFCSFGZK #
  • A couple of pics from when @DeliaTS & I made sweet Sunday love earlier today: http://t.co/UmK8zlYI #
  • Makes me want to watch Team America: World Police again. And eat McD's. Not great, but intere… (Six Days To A… http://t.co/6ZxH6yQO #
  • I've abstained from compulsive (and/or over)eating for two days and computerized card games for one. LOL if you want, but it was HARD. #

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