• Seriously GoDaddy? Why the FUCK did you mess up your domain manager? This doesn't work well for someone with 100+ domains. #
  • I never thought I'd be able to become anyone as awesome as one of my fave novelists, Natsuo Kirino, but according … http://t.co/pGBGdDu7 #
  • Not really sexy. More like I'm Dowdy and I *Know* It. #
  • 3 of 5 stars to After Dark by Haruki Murakami http://t.co/uQsG32rr #
  • Lifting up & taking off one of my favorite long dresses: http://t.co/LgSiw3wc #
  • I surrendered a little more to reality today & have a more manageable, less guilt-riddled plan. Feeling relieved, happy & grateful. #

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