• RT @kath_krueger: Here's what it's like to have someone use your photos to catfish people – for 10 years
    http://t.co/o9sAyva0RF 15:07:31
  • Don't be sorry, @TheSweetRampage if you can help it; people relate & gender has nothing to do w/it except maybe better skills to communicate in reply to TheSweetRampage 17:21:23
  • Fewer dudes would kill themselves (&/or others) if they were socialized to communicate & allowed feelings that girls are / expected to have. 17:24:40
  • I wish we had a fucking taco bell in our fucking hippy town. Or, even better, that my taco cart hadn't deserted me. Going to fucking McD's. 17:30:16
  • I wish I could remember who some of these dick pics on my phone are from. If they'd send face pic too, identification would be easier. 22:10:11