• Betting @DeliaTS can answer that if still unsure, @mistressmatisse -she's excellent at id-ing big thick trees. She has much plant knowledge! in reply to mistressmatisse 12:29:37
  • Now I'm fantasizing about making sexy videos of @DeliaTS applying her landscaping expertise to @mistressmatisse's gardens . . . in reply to mistressmatisse 12:34:12
  • RT @ThatsOurWaldo: They shot Waldo! RETWEET today for a chance to win this limited #TwinPeaks poster by http://t.co/RjYYBA5cnB http://t.co/… 13:08:13
  • I like stories about people who eat in diners (alone), walk briskly (alone) (at night), patronize stationers, & wonder if they're going mad. 14:03:33
  • Trying to figure out how to explain that I'm no longer accepting or extending invitations to eat out. Without sounding crazy &/or mean. 14:41:29
  • Spontaneous eating out: maybe. Eating out w/ 1 or 2 persons at a time AFTER sex: sometimes. Otherwise: only dining out alone or w/ @DeliaTS 14:44:49
  • "No, thanks. I want takeout or for you to cook for me & feed me in bed."

    Fuck my from behind while I eat hands-free like a dog. 14:50:45

  • ::: imagining my natural knockers swinging over a half-finished plate of french toast, nipples getting sticky with maple syrup ::: 14:53:42
  • I haven't outgrown being super confused & unhappy when people are dishonest about things I can't understand lying (to me, especially) about. 15:13:37
  • RT @VictoriaRage: I'm in the mood for nice long play date…anyone who schedules a 3+ hour booking for the 28th, 30th or 31st, I'll add an … 15:17:42
  • Did I accidentally throw away 2 new pillowcase sets? How else could I have hidden them from myself in our tiny house with no storage?!? 17:22:29
  • How do you I somebody I'm creepy without making myself sound TOO creepy?

    Or is no warning necessary as long as I'm not TOO creepy? 18:14:15

  • RT @THEecowhore: I interviewed @hoodedu at @VICE about Wonder Woman, matriarchy, and whether lesbianism benefits all mankind: http://t.co/j… 18:40:03
  • I grew up with I Love Lucy & The Golden Girls so I had no idea women weren't funny til Tina Fey came along.
    2 steps forward, 100 years back. 21:54:44