• As soon as my period starts getting late, my mental health plummets and I know I have not been taking care of my body. So hard to climb out. 12:21:08
  • Self-esteem & sense of well-being rely on well-DOING. If I can't do well -do right, do proudly, do good, make recognizable progress- I SUCK. 12:28:04
  • The bald eagle's high-pitched whinnying reminds me: inside every strong hero is a secret pathetic crybaby disguised by hawk sounds. #coverup 17:22:35
  • "You are what you think … don't believe everything you think." I totally needed to hear that tonight. So… I did.
    #grateful for #teachers 21:18:10
  • Ups & downs inside, but outside? The sun keeps coming up. Every day. WACKY! https://t.co/9uACEhHN0R 22:48:37