• Did I really do that for the first time? I'm not sure. I was expecting something flashier. 02:12:18
  • God I just wish I could poop. I just want to take an enormous gigantic POOP. 02:28:07
  • So far people aren't ready for the radical power of my evangelism about 10 oz Meat Lovers #lasagna from @stouffers. https://t.co/r4ksvIMsyp 02:38:30
  • I don't know why everybody isn't talking about The Good News. PEPPERONI in LASAGNA with PERFECT customizable chewy to gooey ratio! 02:41:17
  • I don't think I really did it. Or it didn't work. Otherwise why am I sooooo hungry? Maybe all that ejaculating burns calories? 02:45:54
  • I'm glad our last words to each other were about the Charmin Ultra Strong rec I gave him. At least I gave him SOMETHING. Bon voyage kiddo. 02:55:22
  • Feeling blissfully docked-down.

    Ok you probably know what I meant. #autocorrect #fuckingallnight #allnightfucking 08:12:34

  • RT @DeliaTS: On cam for a bit this afternoon –> https://t.co/I7SY7GNKiZ 12:40:44
  • Morning after the biggest load of cum in years of memory, he made breakfast. Just … gobs & gobs & gobs. https://t.co/0DRCMIcOcG 12:43:16