• I hated when @twitter became more chat than #microblog. Now is many things! Not a place I feel right being apolitical or pretending a-okay. 00:01:52
  • Thinking it's about time to withdraw from twitter or limit my use of it / be way more selective & purposeful. in reply to tastytrixie 00:11:33
  • I love having separate fun-only for-pay platforms like #onlyfans. But my free online presence (& "brand") will never be apolitical. in reply to tastytrixie 00:17:08
  • Why is #sjw a bad thing? & what other justice is there besides social? & we call THIS "social"? Yeah, I get picking your battles, but huh. in reply to tastytrixie 00:20:21
  • Seeing big entities with lots of followers AND funds & power saying NOTHING to even acknowledge dangerous acceleration into abyss? DO BETTER 00:28:53
  • This feels incredibly relevant, poignant & inspiring: learn/adapt to #communicate effectively. https://t.co/up8PfMEpBI 00:31:58
  • The feel-good stuff I need to make next probably isn't porn, but stuff that also brings relief to MORE people, & when they aren't horny. 01:21:11
  • When you wake up from bad dreams in the dark part of night and would do anything to have someone like "God" say you're okay. It's all ok. 04:38:48
  • RT @DeliaTS: Happy Festivus everyone! I know it's traditionally on Dec 23rd but my pole came a little late this year. 😆 https://t.co/V6Cw5… 15:34:40
  • I wish there were more chubby/average guys in photos like this, but until then … https://t.co/RFC50ndKIu 19:49:42
  • I sometimes forget I'm not even slightly invisible to The Boys. This new world makes me nervous in different ways than the old secret one. 21:08:38
  • The real me is the sound of a tree falling in the forest after all of the humans have killed each other. 21:23:40
  • (really that's what we all are/will be … I hope it's just not totally dusty & that there are still forests left) https://t.co/7ZK7foKn8b 21:28:57
  • RT @piesaac: "let's delete information that's not popular" seems like a very efficient way to destroy civilization https://t.co/zAUtJN1Aus 21:29:05
  • To be a warm weightless beam of #sunshine. @DeliaTS snapped this pic in the daily nudie pic days. https://t.co/KySG757ZZA 23:06:18
  • RT @facelessfuckers: I am purging
    all my old panties

    from HIGH SCHOOL!
    most only $19.99!

    All orders come w/ signed note!
    https… 23:37:49