• 10:04 Okay . . . taking advantage of family being out of the house to have my breakfast and breathe deeply before my mom arrives & chaos reigns. #
  • 12:21 Mmmmm . . . burrowed under heavy blankets & piles of pillows & slept, having a much-needed dream-induced orgasm during my nap. #
  • 13:16 Didn’t realize my mom’s here; she’s talking to Delia now re: her usual "let’s calculate the mileage here from 3 different starting pts". #
  • 13:18 Hiding in my room waiting for her to exhaust this extremely annoying & bizarre fixation of hers. Maybe next will be more entertaining . . . #
  • 14:50 It’s so weird; talking to my mom is like 150% awesome and 20% batshit crazy annoying infuriating. I do love her! #
  • 17:34 Mmmmm — my bday party dinner made by Delia was potato leek soup, deviled eggs & sprout beds, and a cold noodle salad I love. #
  • 21:46 Awesome. Major confrontation with our mom over her for-shit communication winds up with just about the worst response possible. Whatever. #
  • 23:55 After hours of emotionally exhausting talking & shouting (on half-deaf ears) with my mom, my sister & I are taking a walk. #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter