• 09:58 I’ll be in chat for ten minutes at the top of each hour from now until 7:10 pacific tonight. And I look SO FETCHING right now. I kid. . . . #
  • 10:59 Today’s payday!! Wheeee . . . errrr, just said goodbye to most of that money. Okay, time for more chat. Listening to John Zorn. #
  • 12:17 I believe it’s now time for lunch. No idea what to eat. Sniffly with allergies. #
  • 15:37 Really sleepy as hell. Not enough time between chats to nap stresslessly. Going to look for something I lost. #
  • 16:29 Do I really think I can do five billion different things at once? I’m confusing myself. Pick up thing one, drop thing three, pick up thing 2 #
  • 19:42 I’m kind of freaking out about how all the writing and notes I made for a certain project have disappeared. I made a file, but it’s empty. #
  • 19:47 Phew. Found it. Apparently I decided a 3-ring binder was better than folder. Serves me right for neglecting it. #
  • 20:24 I taste bitter gall often when I read AVN bs articles that begin "it all started with" & they have NO CLUE (or respect 4) where "it" started #
  • 22:59 Did a bad, BAD thing: went to store for cookies. Very happy the chocolate frosting plops are HUGE on these ones. An amateur froster? #

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