• 12:53:10: Gotta cash a couple of checks and get in touch with my higher power and shit.
  • 12:54:39: Clarification by “and shit” I mean “and other stuff”, not that shitting is 3rd on agenda. Also, still trying pleasure as my Higher Power.
  • 14:29:25: My period just started while I was out and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it. So juicy, boys . . . SO JUICY!
  • 14:31:51: OMG – I am having a weird body experience, like spontaneously my body feels like I’ve been deeply meditating until it feels perfectly filled
  • 16:17:40: RT @audaciaray: interesting fundraising initiative for intl development org, What I Did Not Buy http://www.whatididnotbuy.org
  • 17:02:23: Long overdue for a shower. I hope it’s very exciting. Or at least warm and fragrant, with bloody water splashing over my toes.
  • 22:10:41: Why do I look so much like Rodney Dangerfield in some of my favorite pictures? Anyhoo, working on getting a member update uploaded.

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