• 15:08:04: Trying to flesh out our webcam show schedule for the next three months.
  • 17:33:23: http://twitpic.com/ty47y – How come something so good is not good FOR me? But oh YUM!
  • 19:10:38: I haven’t exercised in forever. But what I really want is salt ‘n vinegar chips and pop. And to not wonder what the fuck I’m doing.
  • 19:11:52: Feeling lame for not doing anything to acknowledge International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. I’ve got fodder, but no focus.
  • 19:13:38: Ideas for how you can participate in the International Day (& night?) to End Violence Against Sex Workers: http://www.swopusa.org/dec17
  • 19:44:59: I am at the point now where I honestly think my payment processor has me on a list of one that simply says “FUCK WITH THIS BITCH”.
  • 20:51:55: We’ve got to get on a more normal schedule. All the good get-attention hours are almost over by the time I wake up.
  • 22:20:18: Looks like my sneeze clips must’ve gotten some attention on a board or something. http://clips4sale.com/studio/8131
  • 23:03:19: It’s hard to market yourself as a SOMETIMES hairy webwhore. I hate disappointing people, but I also love variety.

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