• 00:20:31: My latest blog entry about my mini-squirts: http://tastytrixie.com/announcements/hot-little-squirt-no-tsunami (also Stardust PIano Hour).
  • 00:24:46: Is it my imagination or did youtube stupidly get rid of the FAVORITE button/function?!?
  • 07:09:31: OMG MY FRIENDS THIS IS NOT EVEN FUNNY our dog just shit & smeared around more stinky diarrhea on the bedroom floor without warning.
  • 12:22:15: @reptilegrrl Oddly enough, she seems chipper & normal, not dehydrated, etc. so we’re waiting until tomorrow to take her to the regular vet.
  • 14:42:50: Today would have been my dad’s 78th birthday. Maybe that’s partly why thinking about our dog’s age/health is tearing (cry, not rip) me up.
  • 15:27:35: Found a songbook I didn’t know I had with weird melancholy pervy faves from the sixties like “Music to Watch Girls By”.
  • 16:14:01: At the point where I’m considering bleaching my *entire* head of hair to avoid inconsistent foils w/same day roots. I hate salons.
  • 21:03:23: Started crying playing “When You Wish Upon a Star”. It would be my dad’s bday today if he were alive & that was his favorite song.
  • 23:09:54: I have really messed myself up by failing to exercise three days in a row. I feel down. Other factors too, of course, but yeah.

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