• 11:39 Laughing my ass off at an almost-$3,000 report/guide xbiz is trying to sell internet pornographers on "the future of online adult ent.". #
  • 12:25 Just enjoyed my weekly anxiety attack doing the bills. Onward and upward! #
  • 12:41 Going to do some stretching before I blow a gasket. My belly is too chunky to do it nude, so sorry voyeurs, I’m wearing pajamas. #
  • 15:32 Just wrote a request to a big porn review site they add a category to highlight LIVE CONTENT (like spycams) & interactivity. Not optimistic. #
  • 17:12 Okay, it took hours but I think I like the template I made for my free video galleri es. What do you think? digg.com/u1VAi1 Effective? #
  • 21:05 Enjoyed daydreaming after dinner with @DeliaTS about having a retro travel-trailer compound instead of a regular house. #
  • 23:43 @xmandymitchellx Scrubbing it with boraxo and a hot washrag gets blood off the bulb of my hitachi magic wand/shines it up purty. #
  • 00:16 Fuck it. I’m going to the store for some pudding. The bulk-forming laxative I took earlier better be ready to go into EFFECT when I return. #
  • 01:04 Having voyeuristic dirty-old-man feelings witnessing @BuckAngel & @AaliyahLove69 flirting (c ongrats on the best of barely legal, btw). #

These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter