• 10:57:22: So. I haven’t pooped the whole time we’ve been here. Travel really doesn’t agree with my bowels. Pray for poop, people everywhere!
  • 11:51:29: Thank you @chaosaka – your prayers (and mine) were just answered . . . that was effective! Not three days worth, but a relief anyway.
  • 16:13:12: Mmmm . . . walked to Grace Cathedral then back to Union Square and had the best food at King of Thai Noodle House. Readying to shoot now.
  • 16:42:21: I can tell @DeliaTS really wants me to get ready now but I can’t imagine even a week with makeup & hair tools could make me sexy-up enough.
  • 19:36:06: Shooting with natural light in a city equals being a total exhibitionist with the curtains/blinds OPEN for all to see @DeliaTS stroking it.

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