• 11:40 Settling in to get work done, focusing on doing anything that needs doing instead of wasting time selecting the "perfect" 1st 2nd 3rd tasks. #
  • 12:04 OMG that feels so amazing to wake up in your own home after a trip and then take a huge poop to make up for ones missed while away. #
  • 13:02 Just scanned & uploaded the cover art for the edition of The Drowning Pool I have: goodreads.com/book/show/2417190.The_Drowning_Pool #
  • 16:42 Cheap shaving cream = razor burn = a whole lot of photoshopping. #
  • 16:56 @I_am_Cliff Oooh, I love mug soap! The cheap shit happened on our trip; we didn’t pack the good stuff & had to buy from limited selection. #
  • 20:28 Hey members! I just posted a new gallery of 111 pics for you and a vlog. I am in dire need of some exercise now. #
  • 23:56 I’m excited about how healthy-tired I feel right now and ready for bed in clean flannel sheets. I ate ZERO bad carbs today. Tempted tho. #
  • 00:49 Okay, so fuck it – we went to the store which means I will *not* go a whole day without bad carbs. But corn chips aren’t THAT bad. Are they? #
  • 01:01 They had the soccer boys in briefs on the cover of Vanity Fair cov ered up at the store. So I flipped it and EXPOSED them. #

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