• 09:41:05: Some of our cams froze early this morning, but I just noticed and got them back up. @DeliaTS is exercising in the parlor.
  • 09:55:57: Looks like we have three paychecks inexplicably missing in action at the moment / not sent &/or not delivered on time. Thanks porn industry!
  • 09:59:48: Ooh! @amberlily has a bunch of cute candid Halloween-y pics up: http://twitpic.com/photos/amberlily
  • 10:06:02: Speaking of @amberlily, I do believe it’s her birthday today . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AMBERLILY!!!!!!!! And many more . . .
  • 10:30:08: Loved @Augusten Burroughs’ essay in Allure mag about taking self-portraits. At least I think it’s in Allure: can find no evidence on site.
  • 17:36:31: I love hearing guys moan and groan in my ear when I make them cum. http://tastytrixie.cammodels.com Be back after dinner for more!
  • 17:38:30: Nope @furrygirl; and the good news is it’s all straightened out. Two of them came & the other one is on the way/we found out the holdup.
  • 21:02:25: I don’t think my new higher price point is working very well. http://tastytrixie.cammodels.com
  • 21:28:55: Shit . . . I am clearly tired. My cam link is http://trixie.cammodels.com – duh!

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