• 10:38:04: Some thanks giving: http://temporarytrixie.tumblr.com/post/1677852761/more-perspective-thanksgiving
  • 10:55:39: I can’t wait to see our nephews! But whatever shall I wear? The oldest one, at 4, LOVES to admire our nail polish.
  • 13:57:05: Just knowing there are a bunch of big nasty clean-cut dudes w/guns & dogs here at ferry terminal is making me CRAZY HORNY. Can’t sit s …
  • 14:10:16: Oh god mr state patrolman with your sniffing dog – I abhor you yet can think of nothing but being boned by you. My pelvis will not rest.
  • 14:33:52: There are too many people on this ferry for @DeliaTS to even finish giving me a handjob. Arousal can be such an uncomfortable nuisance!
  • 14:39:15: Also: I had yet another vivid sex (& furry cuddling) dream about @Fireland. The week off my BC/Estrogen is full of strange insistent urges.
  • 14:53:24: Arriving in Seattle. Can’t wait to eat! http://twitpic.com/3a5200

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