• 01:55:30: Feeling sad about heading home (and back to work) after not-nearly-enough time with my sister.
  • 04:14:02: Finally got home at 3 am. I drove like a crazy old lady with poor nightvision. LOL at “like”.
  • 17:00:52: I am going to HALT (because I’m both hungry and tired. Super duper tired. http://tinyurl.com/2v7ygse
  • 18:14:59: RT @DeliaTS: When it comes to email from fans, I love them short and sweet: “Hi sexy, I just joined your site and I have already cum. Th …
  • 20:02:06: If I can just force myself to stay awake for three more hours I might get back on track. With an infusion of B vitamins & battery jump.
  • 20:15:33: My poor, sad, finely-crafted to-do list . . . sigh. I weep for you, little unchecked boxes of lost opportunities.

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