• 10:00:57: Had plenty of excuses not to wake up w/alarm this morning but I did it anyway! Whittled gallery down to 125 pics. Will post after cabin.
  • 10:32:47: RT @spyonus: Just discovered HouseCamz is/has been down (but it shows “connected” on our end); they are “working on it”. Rude cams still up!
  • 16:12:50: Did standing quadricep stretches in the shower at the cabin; warm water felt so good raining down onto the soles of my feet.
  • 16:23:13: Hmmm . . . emails I wrote offline at cabin don’t want to be sent now that I’m back ONline at home . . . . will keep trying. AFTER lunch!
  • 16:27:28: RT @spyonus: Spycams pared down to speed broadcast of @DeliaTS doing premium webcam shows: http://deliats.cammodels.com !
  • 18:25:54: Did you like the movie(s) @Seska ? I’m enjoying the book but am way more excited to watch the movies . . . or am just really curious maybe.
  • 19:13:54: While eating, I love watching shows I’ve already seen a million times. Especially shows filmed where I… (Twin Peaks) http://miso.io/92ku5Q
  • 20:29:20: My girlfriend @DeliaTS is logging in for her third mini-session of camming today: http://deliats.cammodels.com
  • 22:07:44: Going to cut these annoying long-ass nails that I obviously am never going to exploit for money before they KILL someone accidentally.

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