• 00:29:32: OMG – my hips and body are able to do amazing-feeling things after the massage I got yesterday. Much freer more expansive range of motion.
  • 08:49:10: 1) woke up before 7:30, 2) full moon, 3) 30% chance of snow (but I’m 95% sure that won’t happen).
  • 09:08:53: Mmmmm . . . loving this “Riding Solar Winds” program on @HeartsOfSpacehttp://www.hos.com/#program/0376
  • 16:15:35: Mmmmm . . . just took a dose of straight apple cider vinegar. That strong tang of acid is right up my alley.
  • 16:52:47: Just opened a delightful care & novelty package with lots of pretty seashells that I’m going to enjoy on my altar. And pics of miniatures!!
  • 17:27:13: Ohmahgosh I need a naaaaap.
  • 17:46:24: While I take a (short! reasonable! responsible!) nap, @DeliaTS is doing SPECIAL shows: http://deliats.cammodels.com
  • 20:02:53: Don’t let your Friday night get THIS crazy: Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas http://t.co/5n5kLwf via @youtube

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