• Another picturesque naked-in-the-snow photo of me: http://t.co/gSRbZ3Ji #
  • Biting nails trying to resist @HRugaru 's pics & vids so that I can get this gallery we shot today edited & posted for members… #
  • Members! I just posted a sweet new gallery for you featuring cold but cozy pictures we just shot this morning! http://t.co/RVPe127F #
  • And now . . . to eat a box of chocolates and maybe watch some more Gossip Girl and go to sleep with @DeliaTS, surrounded by snow outside. #
  • Dear @twitter – would you please give us the option of whether or not to shorten links or use that crappy t.co shortener? Stop hijacking! #
  • FYI: I'm against SOPA & PIPA, but also annoyed by vocal opposition failing to recognize need for or suggest alternative solutions to theft. #

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