• Feeling 100% better after waking up with reblonded hair, recaptured sleep, all those vitamins in my system, and a sweet fuck last night. #
  • Do gymnastics-as-self-defense figure prominently in future episodes, too? (Make It or Break It S01E02) http://t.co/NiGpX3eb #
  • Massively awesome = finding out that coconut oil is compatible/safe to use with polyisoprene condoms that we like! #
  • A post with pics from @DeliaTS about her THIRD TRANNY AWARD! http://t.co/ubCBW22s #
  • Getting ready for @DeliaTS to take some pictures of me. First she's going to take off my old toenail polish, though. Isn't that sweet? 😉 #
  • Marveling at how far the crescent moon has traveled in a matter of (what seems like) mere minutes. Dropping down the sky . . . #
  • Doing a little housework then we're digging into ice cream & a movie or something. Shooting me didn't go *great* today. 1 set was okay tho. #
  • Loved the revelation depressed kid had, learning working hard makes him feel good. Good reminder. (Born Rich) http://t.co/MdcGl4nv #

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